lightblue Overview

Use lightblue and give feedback

One of the easiest ways to be involved is to try out lightblue and let us know what you think. Have an idea or find a bug? Open a github issue. Want to talk to someone live? We hang out on Freenode in #lightblue.

Giving back

Contribution means many things. Many think it means writing code. But the most important thing we could get from anybody is quite simple: ideas. We started this project with open minds for open and robust architecture. Have an idea of how things could be better? Let's talk! Think there is some feature missing? Log an issue and we can talk about it. Areas we could always use help with:

  • Documentation - find an issue? it's open.. please feel free to fix it!
  • Ideas - missing features? create an issue to track design discussions and fixes
  • Bugs - something is broken? similar to ideas, log an issue for resolution
  • Code - fixed something or added a feature? expect fast turn around / comment on submitted pull requests


Being a committer is more than a willingness to write code. Committers are dedicated to enhancing all aspects of the project:

  • write code -> update documentation
  • issues / pull requests -> review, comment, fix, encourage Overall, a committer must be willing to help in any aspect of project's life-cycle while remaining courteous and professional.

Lightblue is a young project. As of yet, we have added only a few committers the original team knows personally. Want to join the ranks? Please talk to us. Help us define the path forward to adding committers!