lightblue Overview


Dependency Why License
Jackson Java library for processing JSON documents. Use in complicated cases where processing is required on the JSON document. Apache License, Version 2.0
JSONassert Used in unit tests to compare JSON documents before and after processing. Useful for verifying parsing and type conversions (JSON -> Java -> JSON for example) Apache License, Version 2.0
json-schema-validator Validation of JSON documents against a JSON schema. Similar to XML Schema validation. LGPLv3 or later
Flapdoodle Embedded MongoDB In memory MongoDB used in unit tests to test against a real database. Apache License, Version 2.0
mongo-java-driver MongoDB driver for Java. Used for all interactions with MongoDB from Java. Apache License, Version 2.0
hystrix et al. Hystrix core is a java framework to build a Distributed/Cloud-enabled Systems. It's "... is a latency and fault tolerance library designed to isolate points. .., stop cascading failure and enable resilience ...". Apache License, Version 2.0
pyresttest Python utility for testing and benchmarking RESTful services. Apache License, Version 2.0